web updates

13 08 2007

As you can see, I’ve redesigned the site. Most notable, however, is that I’ve added a daily poll called “the daily tab” (although it might grow to be a weekly poll or something, I’m not really sure yet) over on the sidebar to the left. No one has yet answered the daily poll, which today is about Karl Rove. You can cast your vote by clicking on your chosen answer. How political of me.

Nothing much else has changed, except the site is suddenly a lot cleaner and nicer looking. And I put that picture over in the upper left-hand side, too! All kinds of exciting changes, huh?


7 07 2007

Two things:

1. I bought the domain, so you can visit the site now by going to upsidedownagain.com, omitting the bothersome wordpress prefix.

2. If you haven’t noticed, I’m working tirelessly on updating the CSS codes to re-format the site. This is tedious, as I’m not very good at it. Please be patient.

While you wait: This is the funniest site I’ve seen in a long time… Thanks Katie.