19 09 2008

If you’ve been skipping the New York Times lately because you find the economic crisis either too depressing or (let’s just face it) too confusing, I’d like to point you to a happy piece from yesterday’s paper which I found valuable:

It’s straight-up good news: Congress is ready to pass a non-controversial civil rights bill which will extend rights for people with disabilities. This is actually huge bill, and Republicans and Democrats agree that it’s about time. The bill attempts to remedy the problem Tom Harkin aptly describes like this:

“The Supreme Court decisions have led to a supreme absurdity, a Catch-22 situation. The more successful a person is at coping with a disability, the more likely it is the court will find that they are no longer disabled and therefore no longer covered under the A.D.A.”

This new bill would protect the rights of people who are suffering from disabilities, even if they take medication to quell their ailment, or are successfully holding their problems at bay.

Nothing to complain about here. I’m thrilled about this development; I’ve been following this bill for a while now and I’m glad it’s finally made it to the table.




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