24 08 2008

Things that used to be kind of off-beat and unique but no longer are:

  1. Saying that the lyrics in Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” are not actually ironic
  2. Watching the Golden Girls
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in any capacity
  4. Listening to Miley Cyrus and talking about how much she rocks
  5. Moving to New Orleans
  6. Choosing to list just one example under every topic for your Facebook Profile
  7. Choosing to list just “Favorite Books” and no other category in your Facebook Profile
  8. Badmouthing any of the following: Wes Anderson films, the Shins, Kanye West sunglasses, Radiohead, drinking on weeknights
  9. Smoking Virginia Slims ironically
  10. Pictures of kittens and ducklings



2 responses

1 09 2008
Andrew Jesaitis

11. Drinking PBR

Also, I went to a karaoke bar a couple nights ago, and a friend sang Miley’s “See you again.” It was pretty much the best thing ever; you’ve loved it. I of course stuck to my standby Duran Duran and Journey.

Hope you are weathering the storm well!

4 09 2008

if not drinking on weekends got cool now, we’re in

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