12 07 2008

I’m sitting in the airport right now listening to a few guys talk about the Bible across from me and browsing the Internet. Guess what? I found something cool in (wait for it…) The Wall Street Journal. They published an interview with the fiercely intelligent rapper Nas, along with a few music clips from his new untitled album (originally slated to be titled “Nigger” as a political statement about race in America, but ultimately changed when record stores said they wouldn’t stock the album under that title). Here is my favorite moment from the interview:

WSJ: A lot of your peers have tried to branch out from music as entrepreneurs and by endorsing brands. Why have you avoided that?

N: I love the music. I don’t feel like doing anything else. I really like to wake up and look at the sky through the nice window where I live and know that the music and the people made this possible. There’s no better joy. Anything I do on the side will be very low-key.


MP3: Nas – Purple


Still… he’ll never be as cool as he was in 1994. Oh well.




One response

14 07 2008
a. conwell hall

the title of the nas album was changed primarily because universal wouldn’t release it as ‘nigger.’ this was, more than anything else, because the state of new york currently has $84 million invested in vivendi and UMG (in addition to $2.8 billion invested in major media outlets) and hakeem jeffries made a push to have the money withdrawn if the album was released with its original title. hooray for major labels receiving government subsidies and completely misguided censorship.

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