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8 07 2008

We got to get out of school early today. This is the only day this is true for the entire five-week training, so it’s kind of a big deal. But of course, with these three extra hours, I have no idea what to do with myself. I’ve been so inundated with every-second-of-my-life-is-planned-for-me, that I’m flailing. So I figured the smartest thing to do would be to bring you the most important Internet phenomena of the moment:

I know absolutely nothing about astronomy. Alex likes to show me pictures of “amazing” things that happen in space, and they just look like a bunch of scattered dusty sparkling things to me. But still, it’s apparently a kind of big deal that for the first time in the history of space discoveries they just discovered a ring around a moon:

Now the Cassini spacecraft appears to have found a ring system around Saturn’s second-largest moon, Rhea. The discovery took astronomers by surprise. Just what is a ring doing around a moon, especially one that is significantly smaller than our own?


I get pretty excited about all elements of design. That said, even when someone showed me the finalists for Best Table of Contents in some distant magazine recently, I was uninterested. There is just very little that is interesting about a Table of Contents. But Smashing Magazine recently released a great compilation of the best table of contents which shatters that notion. Some of them are really beautiful.


A lot of people have been dying recently. When I write about this, I sometimes get chastised by right-wing blogs. When Wyvern920 writes about it, however, it’s funny and smart. So I”ll just leave that to him. (A few words on Bozo, Jesse Helms, and George Carlin)


The big story in The New York Times — surprise! — is about oil prices. Which have fallen for the second day in a row, which means everyone is feeling a lot happier. 

Oil prices headed in an unusual direction — down — for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, leaving energy experts to wonder whether the drop is the beginning of a lasting trend or just a brief pause before another surge.

This means that we can stop blaming things on rising oil prices. What are we blaming on rising oil prices? The Wall-Street Journal kindly made a 50-point list which answers just that question. But as soon as we stop worrying about oil, we should BEGIN to worry about some of the precious chemical elements we’ve been neglecting lately. Turns out we are likely to run out of beloved gallium and indium. We use elements like these to make flat-screen TVs. So buy yours before it’s too late!

The element gallium is in very short supply and the world may well run out of it in just a few years. Indium is threatened too, says Armin Reller, a materials chemist at Germany’s University of Augsburg. He estimates that our planet’s stock of indium will last no more than another decade. All the hafnium will be gone by 2017 also, and another twenty years will see the extinction of zinc. Even copper is an endangered item, since worldwide demand for it is likely to exceed available supplies by the end of the present century.


Someone made a flickr site of a bunch of old video games they made out of Legos. This is obviously a brilliant idea. Because those old video games are pixelated anyway!


Also, Wall E was the best Pixar movie yet. It really was. It was really beautiful and smart. I cried four times. That’s a lot for me. (SOPHIE’S CRYING INDEX IN MOVIES: Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion – 0 cries; March of the Penguins – 1 cry; Bambi – 2 cries; Love Story – 3 cries; Remember the Titans – 4 cries).  Check out some animation techniques used for the film on this great site.


Here is a picture of a really gross sandwich which is circulating the Internet. You heard it here first.




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9 07 2008
a. conwell hall

That’s a Luther burger. It’s named after Luther Vandross, who rather loved them, and does indeed consist of meat served in a glazed doughnut.

10 07 2008

I’ve also seenheard of that creation before… I had originally heard of it as being the Krispy Creme burger that they’d serve at a minor league stadium in Kansas City or something. Suffice to say I can think of few ways to induce a hypochondriac’s heart attack than eating one of those in 100 degree KC heat. I hope to never see one in person.

11 07 2008

what an awesome looking burger.
I feel of astronomy the same way I feel about fireworks; they’re neat to look at for a minute or two.

I had a dream last night that you hooked up with my boss.

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