fine but

25 06 2008

you don’t understand. you think you understand, but you don’t. you are thinking, “of course sophie has abandoned her blog. her blog — the single most important thing in my entire life — is now null in void.” you are wrong. because you don’t understand. you don’t understand that there was a car accident and that the car accident was BAD. it was 80 mph off a veritable cliff into a lake-swamp. yes, friends, i was underwater, in an upside down car with all the smashed windows letting MORE water IN. kind of puts into context “upside down again,” huh?

so needless to say, my computer was destroyed. but it’s okay — it’s back now and everything is fine. even the thousands and thousands of nasty mosquito have vanished. so life is as usual.

kind of. i’m working sixteen-hour days at teach for america institute. which no one in the history of life has ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever enjoyed. and i am not the superhero exception to this rule. waking up at 4 a.m. is bullshit, and getting back at 9 p.m. is bullshit, and a lot of what we learn is bullshit, too.

but it’s worth it, i promise. 

that said, blogging is last priority. still, i haven’t forgotten you. i think about you every day. when i’m not surfing my endless tumblr blogs to find new and stimulating material, i feel like a small part of me is missing.

so we’ll do our best, shall we?




One response

25 06 2008

I didn’t abandon hope. Sorry to hear about the accident; that’s crazy. I’m glad your okay. It’s another anecdote for the book, right?!

Don’t fret the 4am wakeup call, I’ll be joining you on that oh so early schedule very soon.

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