ninja typeface

20 03 2008

Today I bring you just a few unrelated items for easy consumption.

1. Woman with ninja turtle poodle:

So I guess the story here is that there’s some contest out there called the SuperGroom, and in this contest you’re supposed to maim style your dog to look like something else. This colorfully-dressed woman (comically named Myra Macia — 4real)  won first place with (and you’re going the think I’m joking) Leonardoodle.  


It’s a sickness. 

2. MTV’s Multiplayer Blog posted an item yesterday about 80 people who dressed up like video game players (rather convincingly, I’d say — I’m especially impressed with the band of little Marios that leads the pack) and then congregated. They did this, apparently, to set a new world record: Largest Gathering of Game Heroes. This is apparently for the Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition 2008. And it’s about time they published one of those, don’t you think?

[Read the whole story and check out the pictures here

3. I probably only found this interesting because I’m writing my thesis right now and it’s a 2800-line 52-part poem (this is turning out to be more work than I bargained for, but I digress…), but the Virginia Quarterly Review recently analyzed all the poetry submissions they receive against the submissions  they actually publish, and found that they are more likely to publish poems with poetical cliches than without. For example, 19.9 percent of the poems they receive have the word “water” in them, while 24.8 percent of the poems they actually publish contain “water.” The big moneymaker, however, appears to be “darkness:” While only 3.9 percent of all submitted poems contain the word, 17.0 percent of all published poems contain it. Luckily, my thesis contains “darkness” six times already. And it’s not even done yet. So I’m a shoe-in.

[See all cliches and percentages]

And for those of us who obsess over this stuff, Virginia Quarterly has also released the top ten most common poetry titles they receive. “Remember” tops the list. Don’t forget. 

4. Web nerds are annoyingly obsessed with typefaces and fonts. I am no exception.

[Typographia’s Top Fonts of 2007]




2 responses

21 03 2008

Man, that woman must HATE her dog.

23 03 2008

i want my friday news round-up and commentary!

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