3 02 2008

In honor of my favorite holiday, I offer you a news round-up of blog offerings on this the holiest of rodent celebratory days.

(not that Will Shortz cashes in on this one that often [not even on Sunday], but it’s spelled “Punxsutawney Phil,” for the record. And yes, he saw his shadow today, so we’re in for six more weeks of this bleak weather.)

+ REUTERS FACTBOX — Gives an “Explainer”-calibur fact sheet on everything groundhog:

Since 1887, the groundhog has not seen his shadow only 14 times, compared to 96 times when he saw his shadow. There were no records in nine of the early years.

+ CHICAGO SUN-TIMES — May be plagued with a zoo full of wishful thinkers after a particularly brutal winter.

+ BRANCHES UP ROOTS DOWN — Hosts a Groundhog Day Poetry Slam — online.

+ TRUTH, JUSTICE & PEACE — Brings us the Cartoon of the Day, reminding everyone that it’s really impossible to keep politics out of everything.

+ COMICMIX — Reminisces about Groundhog Day in 1912:

Groundhog Day? Puh-lease. That’s what you’d expect, though, right?

But did you know that today in 1912 the very first stuntman did his very first stunt?

+ ABC NEWS — Successfully incorporates “Groundhog Day” and Groundhog Day  in an op-ed on Barack Obama. Best lede I’ve read all day.

+ A DAILY DOSE OF ARCHITECTURE — Rounds up a nice little directory of groundhog links for the second year in a row.

+ GROUNDHOG.ORG — Only for the hardcorest out there.

+ YOUTUBE — Clips from (and parodying) “Groundhog Day” [1] [2] [3]; Clips for Groundhog Day [1] [2] [3]





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