1 02 2008

Gawker.com recently posted a rather brilliant “Field Guide to Tumblr” — which is essentially a less text-heavy blogging utility site that allows users to post the weird, funny shit they find on the Internet. With a greater emphasis on design, too, Tumblr is necessarily what Gawker admits is “like LiveJournal for privileged white 20-somethings.” In my mind, Tumblr is really the future of blogging, making it something that everyone can do without having any real creative drive or ambition. I mean, it’s easy to browse the Internet and link up to the shit you like.

Regardless of my speculation on about the ins and outs and future lives of blogs and bloggers, Gawker links to a great Tumblr site called “The Triumph of Bullshit” which is basically just eye candy for the digitally-obsessed and cynically comical. I found these gems on the site, and I’m going to Blogroll that shit like whoa.




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