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6 02 2008

Following a conversation on the best cover songs of all time, I thought I’d make a list of the Top 10 Best Cover Songs of All Time.

Check it out… 



6 02 2008

I’m absolutely buying this:


It’s by New York designer Benjamin Cho, by the way, who New York Magazine did a nice profile on semi-recently.


3 02 2008

In honor of my favorite holiday, I offer you a news round-up of blog offerings on this the holiest of rodent celebratory days.

(not that Will Shortz cashes in on this one that often [not even on Sunday], but it’s spelled “Punxsutawney Phil,” for the record. And yes, he saw his shadow today, so we’re in for six more weeks of this bleak weather.)

+ REUTERS FACTBOX — Gives an “Explainer”-calibur fact sheet on everything groundhog:

Since 1887, the groundhog has not seen his shadow only 14 times, compared to 96 times when he saw his shadow. There were no records in nine of the early years.

+ CHICAGO SUN-TIMES — May be plagued with a zoo full of wishful thinkers after a particularly brutal winter.

+ BRANCHES UP ROOTS DOWN — Hosts a Groundhog Day Poetry Slam — online.

+ TRUTH, JUSTICE & PEACE — Brings us the Cartoon of the Day, reminding everyone that it’s really impossible to keep politics out of everything.

+ COMICMIX — Reminisces about Groundhog Day in 1912:

Groundhog Day? Puh-lease. That’s what you’d expect, though, right?

But did you know that today in 1912 the very first stuntman did his very first stunt?

+ ABC NEWS — Successfully incorporates “Groundhog Day” and Groundhog Day  in an op-ed on Barack Obama. Best lede I’ve read all day.

+ A DAILY DOSE OF ARCHITECTURE — Rounds up a nice little directory of groundhog links for the second year in a row.

+ GROUNDHOG.ORG — Only for the hardcorest out there.

+ YOUTUBE — Clips from (and parodying) “Groundhog Day” [1] [2] [3]; Clips for Groundhog Day [1] [2] [3]



1 02 2008 recently posted a rather brilliant “Field Guide to Tumblr” — which is essentially a less text-heavy blogging utility site that allows users to post the weird, funny shit they find on the Internet. With a greater emphasis on design, too, Tumblr is necessarily what Gawker admits is “like LiveJournal for privileged white 20-somethings.” In my mind, Tumblr is really the future of blogging, making it something that everyone can do without having any real creative drive or ambition. I mean, it’s easy to browse the Internet and link up to the shit you like.

Regardless of my speculation on about the ins and outs and future lives of blogs and bloggers, Gawker links to a great Tumblr site called “The Triumph of Bullshit” which is basically just eye candy for the digitally-obsessed and cynically comical. I found these gems on the site, and I’m going to Blogroll that shit like whoa.


1 02 2008

I’m burned out. Are a lot of people burned out? Does this happen every election year, or are we all just uniquely DONE with G.W. to the extent that don’t know what to do rather than turn the ’08 election into a veritable Us Weekly special edition? As the kind of person who eats up domestic politics like Perez Hilton eats up… well anything and everything in his sight, I’ve been profoundly disappointed with the extent to which election coverage has swallowed the news over the last five months. I guess that’s the primaries for you, but aren’t they a little early this year? They are? Huh. I thought so. I’m bored of it.

Particularly annoying:

Slate’s entire subhead on Election ’08, moved up to the top of the menu, as if it is the most important thing in the world.

Wonkette’s shift from being smart and politically witty on dozens of unique front to being just another ’08 election blog.

The New York Times dropping all under-the-rug stories about instiutionalized problems in America in favor of “Hillary cried” fluff.

So I’m just going to say this the once: officially endorses Barack Obama as the 2008 presidential nominee, based mostly on his good track record and Kennedy-like appeal. Take it and run.