rovin’ good time

14 08 2007

In the spirit of Karl Rove’s resignation, spend the morning after (as you nurse your hangover from last nights He’s-Finally-Gone bash) reading this very funny Karl Rove rap, via the wyvern920 Web site. A sample:

Now listen up suckers
Don’t get the jitters
But MC Rove tears the head off critters
That’s true, it’s cruel to see
But he’s gonna be about animal cruelty
He’s a man, he’s a treasure trove
Tell me what is your name?
I’m MC Rove

The full entry is pretty spectacular…

And here are a few more blog entries that did Mr. Rove justice in the aftermath of this August shocker:





3 responses

14 08 2007

Nice roundup. Thanks for the link.

15 08 2007

so…you have to read about fourteen blogs a day it seems. sheesh.

15 08 2007

I toasted his departure. I like your new layout.

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