americans suck

21 07 2007

Check out my list of My 10 Least Favorite (Living) Americans…

by clicking here




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21 07 2007

I think a list 10 people who are truly destroying America is too short. It’s hard to whittle down so many undesirables. May I suggest Dr. James Dobson, whose ‘Focus On The Family’ organization, despite its name, does nothing but preach intolerance and hate, while outright denying serious issues such as global warming even exist. Also Pastor Fred Phelps, who really ranks up there as one of the worst humans to ever walk the earth. The fact that he has so many followers is an extremely scary thought for any freedom loving American.

21 07 2007

SHOOT! I wish I had remembered to do James Dobson! I’m an idiot. Updated updated list would bump Michael Brown in favor of Dobson somewhere in the #4 range… good call.

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