sick, slick

20 06 2007

According to Best Week Ever’s blog, there are now two tweenaged boys who are official and high-paid paparazzi. This makes me wonder whether I should have lived in Los Angeles as a child. Would that have started my journalism career? Would I be, right now, sporting a high-tech Canon and taking unauthorized photographs of Keira Knightly drinking a Diet Sprite?

Why are pictures of celebrities so compelling? I guess when you’re a lonely supermarket shopper, celebrities are your best friends and worst enemies. Personally, I like Nicole but hate Paris; love Mary Kate Olsen (Ashley’s aight, but not nearly so compelling) and hate Mischa. I have a love-hate relationship with Angelina, too. I’m lonely. I need cats.

Seriously, though. Aren’t children supposed to, you know, go to school? Learn about arithmetic, reading, etc.? It’s a sick, sad world out there. But Daria could have told us that years ago.




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